My kid thinks her swim instructor is cooler than me

I was at the Katy Family YMCA with my daughter for her swim lesson one day when it occurred to me that she might not fully understand that I work for the YMCA.

“You know that mommy works for the YMCA, right?” I asked her.

“You mean, you work here?!” she exclaimed.  She was so excited!

“No, mommy works at the YMCA offices in another building.”

“Do you teach little kids to swim, like Mr. Manny does?” she questioned.  Mr. Manny is her swim instructor.  She thinks he walks on water.  OK.  He floats.

“No, mommy helps make sure that there is enough money to teach kids to swim.”

“Oh,” she said, clearly disappointed.

Mr. Manny gives my daughter a swim lesson

Mr. Manny tries to teach my daughter to float during her swim lesson at the Katy Family YMCA

Thanks, a lot, Mr. Manny…

Seriously though, thanks to Mr. Manny and to all the YMCA staff and volunteers who work to build those relationships and connections that make a difference in people’s lives.

Think about the adult role model who connected with you and made a difference in your life as you were growing up.  Thank them.  Then, return the favor by mentoring, volunteering, teaching or coaching.  You never know.  You could be someone’s Mr. Manny.

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