Taking a Leap of Faith

Brandon says he is "fully participating in life!"

Brandon, celebrating success with friends

Today I want to tell you a story about Brandon. He broke his first vertebrae 13 years ago.  Doctors told him he had osteoperosis.

“I had already been diagnosed with seizure disorder, primary immune deficiency, adrenal failure and vision loss from meningitis and glaucoma, ” says Brandon. On top of all of that, Brandon had growth failure and an intestinal problem that lead to continuous tube feeding.

That would be more than enough to stop so many of us. But for Brandon, there was the Leap of Faith program at the Conroe Family YMCA.

Leap of Faith is an adaptive program that uses equine assisted therapy for children and adults, employing horseback riding to build confidence and self esteem, and among other things, develop upper body strength.  Not only do these activities help with physical and mental development, but they assist in building independence.

Brandon on his horse

Brandon rides his horse during a Leap of Faith session

“Speaking for myself it is the highlight of my life. The Leap of Faith program is more than just an outdoor rehab center, it’s a miracle maker,” says Brandon, who, 13 years later, is no longer completely wheelchair bound.  In his words, he is “back in the saddle emotionally as well as physically, literally back to participation in life!”

So what is it that is holding you back from participating in life?  Whatever it is, don’t tell Brandon.  He might just leave you behind in the dust from his horse.

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2 Responses to Taking a Leap of Faith

  1. madison says:

    can children volunteer here? i am twelve and love helping children with disabilities also i love horses!

    • Trazanna says:

      We are so glad that you’re interested in volunteering at such a young age! Good for you and your parents! I will have someone from the Conroe Family YMCA get in touch with you today on the age requirement for volunteering with that program.

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