Want to work out like an NFL star? A former Houston Texans player tells us how.

Pilates? Really? A former Houston Texans player shares his workout regimen.

Think it’s too hard to get in NFL shape?  While you and I might not have access to the best trainers and equipment money can buy, we can add some NFL exercise moves into our workout arsenal.  Linebacker Charlie Anderson played four years with the Houston Texans before moving on to the Miami Dolphins and then the Kansas City Chiefs.  We asked the current free agent to share his workout tips with us.

Charlie Anderson photo

Former Houston Texans linebacker Charlie Anderson

YMCA: How important is health and wellness in your daily life?

Charlie Anderson: It’s very important to my livelihood.  I have to stay in shape at all times; it’s my job.  Not only that, being healthy is an everyday thing for me.

YMCA: What is your exercise regimen?

Anderson: I work out five days a week.  I do cardio, weight training, plyometrics, Pilates and boxing.

YMCA: Which one gets you in the best football shape?

Anderson: Boxing.  There is constant movement and a round lasts three minutes.  A football play lasts only five or six seconds, so if you can do three minutes…

YMCA: How important is healthy eating?

Anderson: Very important.  My wife and I are really on board with eating right.  We have four kids and we try to start them off young eating fruits and vegetables.

Charlie Anderson head shotYMCA: How old are your children?

Anderson: Eight, six, 20 months and nine months.

YMCA: Wow, you have your hands full!

Anderson: Yes, I do!

YMCA: What advice would you have for someone just starting an exercise plan?

Anderson: Stick with it because the first week is going to be tough and you are going to be sore.  It is going to get easier once you do it for a week or two, and then you will start to see results and feel better.  You are going to have more energy.  You won’t want to sit around the couch all of the time; you will have energy to do more.

YMCA: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Anderson: Kids nowadays don’t get outside much.  We are training our kids to sit in front of the TV.  Get kids started and involved in something when they are young so that staying active becomes a way of life.  They will already know how to exercise and be healthy when they are adults.

We met Charlie Anderson when he was a celebrity bowler at a Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation fundraiser in June.  Thanks to Charlie, Chester and all the NFL players for a great night of bowling to benefit artistic development in young people.

Click here for more information on YMCA health and wellness programs.

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