He Lifted 1.2 Million Pounds in One Month

He started in November 2004 with 189,130 pounds lifted that month.  In September 2012, he was up to more than 1.2 million pounds.  At 57 years old, Langham Creek Family YMCA member John Almquist moves more in one day than most people do in one week.   Almquist uses the YMCA’s Fitlinxx system to track his workouts.  He wrote us such an inspiring email last week that we asked him if we could share it with you.  Here it is, in John’s own words:

John Almquist lifting weights at the Langham Creek Family YMCA

I just received a notice that I have been in Fitlinxx for 8 years.  In November I turn 57; it got me thinking about the change in my workout and conditioning over the past eight years. I started around the time I had my first rotator cuff surgery. I eventually have had both shoulders done.

In November 2004, my workout consisted of 16 stations, 1,984 reps, 179 total sets, average weight 93 lbs and total weight for the month was 189,130 pounds.

September 2012, my workout consisted of 28 stations, 8,975 reps, 720 total sets, average weight 115 lbs and total weight for the month was 1,246,105 pounds.

I still play softball 2 times a week. I do spinning classes 1 – 3 times a week. My first class was January of this year as a New Year’s resolution. I think Pilates will be next year’s resolution.

The instructors for any aerobics class I have taken have always been helpful and encouraging. I like the fact they take a real interest in the progress I made in the class. It makes trying a new class much easier.

When I had my surgeries and started back in the step classes, Cheri and Jen L. would give me alternate exercises that I could do. This allowed me to build up to the point I could stay with the class.

John on the elliptical machineWorking in the weight room has really been a challenge at times. The folks you have there have always been motivating and helpful, whether giving me tips to add a machine to my routine or resetting the machines I am currently using to help get more out of my workout. The atmosphere is friendly and the area is kept neat. I think this is reflected in the attitude the regulars have towards everyone in the room. I feel like I have a workout buddy with me when I go into the weight room.

Over the years the Y has had challenges, such as the March madness weight lifting. I find these to be a good opportunity to get motivated and maybe push myself a little harder.

The top 20 lists on the bulletin board are my current goal. I try to finish higher than the previous month.

Overall, I could go to a lot of cheaper places to work out, or I could buy the equipment and do it at home. I do not think I could find any place with the staff that shows as much interest in me as a person, as the folks I have come to know at the Y.

Thanks, John, for sharing your story with us. 

Check out the YMCA’s website for more information on our health and wellness programs.

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