From a “Chore” to a “Routine”

How One Couple Turned Their Workout into a Lifestyle

DSC_8012_webIn early 2012, Jim Leong suffered a stroke that mystified his doctors. He was eating right, saw his doctor regularly and had his blood work done annually.

This was the second time stroke had threatened the Leong family. Jim and his wife Jackie had also just experienced her mother’s stroke. This propelled Jackie to make health and fitness a priority.

Jim and Jackie found the support they needed at the Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA. They picked the downtown YMCA because it was close to their jobs. Having a convenient place to exercise helped the Leongs transition to a healthier life.

DSC_8170_web“Working out is no longer a chore, it’s our routine,” said Jackie. “We don’t think about it; we just go.”

While they enjoy using the elliptical machines together, Jackie attends BODYPUMP and Jim lifts free weights. Jackie believes the mission and philosophy of the YMCA creates a friendly and helpful environment, which makes them feel welcomed every time they come through the doors.

Jim’s cholesterol is now down 100 points. Jackie says the best part of their new commitment to fitness is having a husband who is proud of his transformation.

DSC_8057_web“Before we joined the YMCA, Jim could be a bit defensive if I asked him about what he ate for lunch,” Jackie said. “Now we have open communication about our health and our diets, and we go out to celebrate when we get great news from his doctors.”

Click here to learn more about the YMCA’s health and wellness programs.

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