Houston’s Mayor Proclaims Health a Priority

Each month, we profile a Houston celebrity and ask them to share their health and wellness routine.  January’s spotlight is on the Honorable Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston.

YMCA: What is your exercise routine?

Mayor Parker: I do aerobics and weights.  I work out with a personal trainer twice a week, very, very early in the morning, because that is the only time that I have time.  And as many days in the week that I can, when I get home in the evening before 8 o’clock I will spend an hour on the treadmill at night as well.

Annise outsideYMCA: You’re one of the busiest people in Houston.  What advice would you have for people who say, “I don’t have time to work out?”

Mayor Parker: I gained 15 pounds after I became mayor and I had to do something about that.  I haven’t lost all the weight but I am much more fit than I was.  And I am getting to an age where it is harder and harder to keep the weight off so I have had to increase my exercise level.

But it is possible to find time and you don’t have to do it in hour chunks either.  You can do it 20 minutes at a time.  It’s just getting moving.  In fact, that might even be healthier if three times a day you get up and move.  You can lift weights at your desk.

YMCA: Do you work out alone or with someone? 

Mayor Parker: My spouse works out with me, which helps, and having a security detail pick me up in the morning to get to the gym certainly helps.  There are a lot of mornings when I would have probably rolled back over.  The personal trainer really helps.  If I was getting up that early just to exercise myself, it might not ever happen, but if I am paying somebody then I am going to go.

YMCA: What about healthy eating?  How does that play a role?

Mayor Parker:  Healthy eating is important.  I eat a lot of salad.   I eat protein and fresh vegetables.  I try to stay away from refined sugars.  It helps that I am not particularly interested in soft drinks and I am not much of a dessert eater but I could eat bread, that’s my downfall.

Special thanks to Mayor Parker for taking the time to share her health and wellness tips with us.   Learn more about the YMCA’s health and wellness programs here.  Join the YMCA with no fees between now and January 14.

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  1. Way to Go Mayor Parker!!

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