Why the Y? Don’t take Our Word for It.

McElvy_featureLRGJonathan McElvy supports the YMCA because in many ways, it helped make him the man he is today.  McElvy is the publisher of The Leader newspaper serving The Greater Heights and North Houston.  In a recent editorial, he talks about why he supports the YMCA…

“…If I wasn’t in school, the creek or the kitchen, I was thinking about my next trip to the YMCA. For that matter, most of my time at school was spent day-dreaming about the Y. I’d envision the walk up the stairs to the basketball court on the second floor, where you could catch the beautiful stench of sweat, faintly hear the squeak of shoes, cheers of the moms, and interruptions of whistles.”

Sunday mornings were holy. Saturday mornings were spiritual.

basketball_BW_3In a way, those winter basketball mornings and summer baseball afternoons are now a pleasant memory. The trophies were chunked years ago. The athletic abilities, for some reason, disappeared beneath my computer and desk.

Then, a few weeks ago, all those memories flooded back. I attended my first meeting at our local Harriet & Joe Foster Family YMCA on 34th Street where I have joined a number of other professionals in the community to make up an advisory board to the Y.

There I was, in a button-down shirt, holding a business card, thinking about my office, my employees and the bills I needed to pay. No matter how hard you chase memories, your shoes usually bring you back to the present. My loafers were eloquent reminders that I wasn’t about to sprint across the baseline in search of a swing pass and an open jumper. Instead, I had become a grown man, formed in so many ways by my time at the YMCA.

  • At the Y, I learned how to shake an adult’s hand and look him in the eyes.
  • At the Y, I learned the ability to work with teammates was more important, and easier, than going it alone.
  • At the Y, I learned how to respect authority, even if they were wearing striped shirts.
  • At the Y, I learned how to win. More importantly, I learned how to lose with grace.
  • At the Y, I learned that spiritual – not physical – health is most important.
  • At the Y, I met friends I still call today.
  • At the Y, my Mom and Dad were always in the stands, supporting their children. I never realized how much our family was shaped there.
  • And at the Y, I was molded into a half-decent young man.

For another few weeks, our Harriet & Joe Foster Family YMCA is holding its annual Partners Campaign. During this campaign, they ask residents of our community to help support their contribution to our neighborhoods (they serve the Heights, Garden Oaks and Oak Forest, just like The Leader).

There’s probably no better way to explain the value of a gift to them than by sharing what they accomplished last year with the money they raised:

• They spent $84,000 providing after-school child care to more than 110 young children whose parents couldn’t afford anything.
• They spent $96,000 on summer days camps, where 60 percent of the 240 attendees could have never attended because of financial restraints.
• They used $120,000 to set up apartment outreach centers for at-risk children.
• And they take care of so many senior citizens in our area who might otherwise sit silently at home with little connection to healthy activities.

Asking for money around the same time W-2s get mailed is a difficult task. Then again, if you think of all the ways our tax dollars are spent, I’d much rather give something to maybe the most genuine grass-roots movement in our area.

The YMCA has spent decades molding young men and women. If you have a couple of extra bucks and would like to help them continue their work, please shoot me an email or give me a call. I’m glad someone did it for me 30 years ago.”

Click here to read Jonathan McElvy’s full story.  You may email Jonathan at jonathan@theleadernews.com.  Support the YMCA and donate to the Partners Campaign here.

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