A Five Year-Old Drowned Last Weekend.

He could have been your son or daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew, a cousin.  It could happen in your backyard pool, at the beach, in a bayou or creek, even in your own bathtub.

drowningniAccording to multiple published media reports, the little boy drowned in his apartment complex swimming pool some time Sunday afternoon, on Mother’s Day.

There are not many details. Since the initial news reports, no one has confirmed all of the circumstances but most reporters note that there were no adults or lifeguards at the pool.

He probably didn’t yell for help; most children don’t when they’re drowning. Drowning victims are often exhausted or struggling under the water. You cannot always hear them.

Every year, as the weather turns warm, we start counting the number of children and adults who drown. The Houston area leads the state in drownings.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that for every child who drowns, four children are hospitalized for near-drowning.  Children and adults who survive may suffer permanent brain damage.

What can we do?

  1. Teach your child to swim.
  2. Learn to swim yourself; it’s never too late to learn how.
  3. Never swim alone.
  4. Only swim in areas monitored by a lifeguard.
  5. Remember that flotation devices (water wings, life vests) are no substitute for parental supervision.
  6. Always watch your child when he or she is in or near the water.

Sam swim lessonThe YMCA offers swim lessons. If you cannot afford lessons, let us know; financial assistance is available. This is too important for money to be an obstacle.

Learn more about drowning prevention through the YMCA’s Water Wise program.

We can stop this.

Protect our children. Prevent drowning.

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