Family of 8 Finds Home Away from Home at the Y

Last fall, we asked Y members to share their Y story with us. Simply put, we wanted to know why they loved their Y. You may have seen some of those stories featured on posters throughout the Ys and on our website.

francis-familyThe Francis family from the Vic Coppinger Family YMCA shared their story with us. The family of eight has found a home away from home at the Y. It’s stories like theirs that inspire all of us at the Y to come and work hard for our members each day. Our staff has connected with the Francis family and continue to do so.

We share the following message from the Francis family to give our wonderful Y staff the praise they so deserve.

I feel compelled to write a letter of personal thanks to express my gratitude for what the YMCA has done for me and my family. I live in Pearland, Texas, and assigned to the ROTC Command with duty at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas. I was extended on duty out here, due to going through the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) but was replaced by another soldier, and therefore no funds were allocated for me to keep up my physical fitness at the university.

Francis Family PosterThe YMCA awarded my family of 8 (which consists of me, my wife, my 19 year old daughter, triplet 4 year old girls and twin 2 year old boys) a free one year membership. They took pictures of us and created a poster, which is currently posted in the Vic Coppinger YMCA in Pearland, Texas. The other facility I’ve had the pleasure of going to is the Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA. Both of these facilities are in excellent condition with state of the art fitness equipment, but their greatest strengths/attributes are the people who work extremely hard at being the best they can for all who walk through their doors, but even more so to the members of the military. They give true meaning to their mission statement of putting Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. They even took it further by basically saying regardless “Everyone is Welcome!”

The YMCA has proven itself to be a fine institution for all, but they have also defined the true meaning of “partnership with the military” and assisting with providing a good place in the community, for not only the service member, but his family as well.

In closing, I’d like to personally thank the entire leadership and employees of the YMCA, for what they have done for my family, the military families and all in the community who enter their doors. All too often we make the mistake of thinking just because it’s their job to do a good job, they are not deserving of praise, when they do it. But it’s that above and beyond spirit of being better for us all, that gives hope, to the hopeless and creates a snowball effect of good will towards all. We are quick to complain, but slow to compliment. Well I MSG Al Francis and family, are grateful for the existence of YMCA, and we are delighted to be a member of your family.

Best Regards,
The Francis Family

Francis family, we are delighted to have you in our family. Truly, the honor is all ours.

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4 Responses to Family of 8 Finds Home Away from Home at the Y

  1. Beulah Bell says:

    Such an inspiring story. This is my brother and his family and we hear so many good things about the YMCA in Texas. The kids love it, but I think Mom and Dad loves it more! Hats off to your wonderful Staff!

  2. Thanks, Beulah! Your brother and his family inspire us.

  3. Jaycee Mills says:

    The Francis Family are truly a blessing, and an inspiration to us all. YMCA you have chosen wisely selecting this amazing family. I am not a member of YMCA but I will be soon.

  4. Lisa Causey-Clark says:

    My grandchildren attend the Y here in the Killeen, TX(Ft. Hood) area, it’s this type of dedication that makes us want to be part of such a wonderful institution. Thank you for sharing this delightful story of my friend and his family.

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