Grant Promotes Summer of Learning

The YMCA of Greater Houston and the Children’s Museum of Houston recently received a grant from the United Way of Greater Houston which allows the Summer of Learning program to continue through 2013. Since its launch in 2012, we have seen students improve in their educational development.Summer of Learning

The Summer of Learning initiative promotes continuous learning for students outside of their elementary or middle school classrooms, providing advanced education in the STEM areas, Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics. The program will serve 400 children, ages 5-12, through four day camp sites this summer at the M.D. Anderson, Cossaboom  and Houston Texans YMCAs.

In the last couple of weeks, campers learned some basics in aerodynamics by experimenting with sling shots and step rockets, as they gained knowledge in creative design and engineering.

Each week the group will explore a different area of learning that most kids do not get to learn about during the school year. The programs offered are specialized and allow students to discover new interests in a productive, innovative and educational environment.Summer of Learning

Retaining information over summer break is quite difficult for some students. Dr. Harris Cooper, psychology professor at Duke University, suggests that some students can lose up to two months’ worth of retention over summer break. The Summer of Learning program helps combat this by not only assisting campers to retain information better, but also improve performance in the STEM areas of education. The 2012 results show campers who participated in the program performed 22% better on science related content questions than YMCA campers who did not receive the program.

Make sure your child is getting the most out of their summer. Click here for more information.

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