Mmmmm… Veggies!

Healthy Living Taught at the MD Anderson Family YMCA

Brighter Bites

Kids pick out fruits and vegetables.

The YMCA of Greater Houston is a terrific place for kids to have fun, but it’s also a community that wants to promote learning and healthy living.

In partnership with the Houston Food Bank and the Brighter Bites program, the MD Anderson Family YMCA recently introduced a healthy eating initiative. The goal of the partnership is to help parents and kids learn about foods that are healthier for families.

Center Executive Marie Arcos and the MD Anderson Family Y staff have made it a point of focus to implement a program that teaches members about creating new and healthier meals for their families.

Brighter Bites

The “Hulk Smoothie”

“Our families in our summer day camp program will receive a week’s worth of fruits and vegetables along with recipes to support healthy eating,” explains Arcos. “Many of our families rely on fast food and high fat eatery options. This program allows our kids access to fruits and veggies.”

Arcos is incredibly excited to see members participate and show some of their own creations from home. She says, “The best part is the photographs parents show us of the healthy food they make at home.”

Brighter Bites

The kids show off their strong muscles after having a “Hulk Smoothie.”

Parents aren’t the only ones getting in on the movement.

The kids at MD Anderson are calling for the notorious “Hulk Smoothie” to make a return. The Hulk Smoothie features spinach, mango, pineapples, a banana and water which provides kids a tasty and nutritious meal that’s appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The nutrition program occurs each Tuesday night for 8 weeks and is held every three months.

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One Response to Mmmmm… Veggies!

  1. marie says:

    Today was the last day for the 8 week program. When we were setting up the kids were cheering .. “it’s healthy snack day” … “I hope we get another watermelon” … “what color smoothie are you making today?”
    Parents are excited to shae with us their recipes and their favorites like the avocados, spinach, potatoes, and all the fruits. The program will be back for another 8 week round for our after school program soon.

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