We Have a Zumba Family

Ernesto Uehara is one of Katy Family YMCA‘s biggest Zumba® fans, participating in classes there since 2009. He says Zumba is a terrific outlet for members.

ZUMBA® Fest“Zumba is good for physical conditioning. I like the music too because at the end of the day when you get to class and the music clicks on, your stress is relieved over time.”

Put simply, Zumba makes Ernesto happy.

“It helps with happiness. It makes me feel happy, and you can see other people are happy too. I try to go every day.”

Ernesto joined the YMCA because most of his friends were members, and he liked the Y’s activity and program offerings. Since joining, he has found more than just a great work out. He has found family.

ZUMBA® Fest“The people who go are very active and participate. It is not only a dance or an activity, but it also creates a sense of community. I love Zumba at the Katy YMCA because of the instructors. They also belong to the community, so we know them and like them very much because of that familiarity. Before, during and after each class, people can see that we have a Zumba family. They make it happen!”

Like Ernesto, all of our members are invited to experience the great benefits of Zumba in classes at their neighborhood Y as a free benefit of membership. The YMCA strives to make getting healthy fun for all of our members.

Zumba® Fest

Give Zumba a try and join the fun from 6:30-8:30 pm this Friday, September 27, as all Houston Ys open their doors to the community for Zumba® Fest. We encourage members to bring family and friends to the free event!

Ernesto will be at Zumba® Fest. Will you?

Click here for more information about Zumba® Fest or to find a center near you.

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