Bullying: Be Aware. Take a Role. Step Up.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying is a real problem that demands awareness and action.

Responding to the cause, Houston’s A.D. Players, Holocaust Museum Houston and the YMCA of Greater Houston are partnering to raise awareness and help prevent bullying in schools, both this month and through other ongoing efforts during the year.

The Bully Show!The Bully Show!

Through November 9, A.D. Players will perform The Bully Show! by Brian Guehring at Grace Theater. This engaging and interactive play actually involves the audience in the performance, helping them internalize and empathize more closely with bullying from all perspectives—that of the bully, the victim and the spectator.

The Bully Show! aims to challenge upper elementary and middle school students to reconsider some of their assumptions about bullies and victims, to realize some of the consequencesThe Bully Show! of bullying and to stimulate further discussions on this issue.

A.D. Players will perform The Bully Show! for YMCA After School kids at the MD Anderson Family YMCA on October 24, the Trotter Family YMCA on October 28 and the Weekley Family YMCA on November 11.

Ticket Discounts for Members

Y members receive a discounted ticket price of $8 ($12 value) for The Bully Show!. To buy discounted tickets, call the box office at 713-526-2721 and use promotion code: YMCA.

Preventing an Epidemic

Bullying takes many forms and is not particular about age or venue. The same person who bullies in school, is more likely to grow up to bully in the workplace.All Behaviors Count

The Holocaust Museum’s “All Behaviors Count” (ABC) program examines the five forms of social cruelty – taunting, bullying, rumoring, ganging up and exclusion from the group. Using the “ABC” curriculum, children and adults learn skills to identify and respond to social cruelty as empowered upstanders.

Both The Bully Show! and the “ABC” program can be great tools used to uniquely augment bullying education led in school by counselors and teachers and for parents to use at home.

What can you do?

Kids and parents need to understand at least two things about bullying.

Kids: Bullying is real and prevalent, and certain things in society, like the internet, have made it easier.

Parents: Kids learn about bullying from role models; some parents bully kids on behalf of their own kids, sometimes online and sometimes in person. There’s so much in life that parents cannot control, but they can definitely control their own behavior modeling and what behavior they endorse in others for the sake of our children.

Be aware. Take a role. And step up.

Excerpted from an article by Houston Family Magazine

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