5 Reasons to get a Personal Trainer at the Y


Have you been thinking about hiring a personal trainer?

Having the expertise of a personal trainer can be helpful for you, especially if you don’t know where to start, want to improve your technique, or aren’t seeing any results. At the YMCA, our personal trainers are ready to get you on track, ensure you see the results you’ve been dreaming about and help you achieve your goals.

So why you should invest in personal training at the Y? Here are 5 reasons why:

1.  Get personalized workouts:  Whether you want to just lose body fat, train for a marathon or just incorporate other exercises into your routine, our personal trainers can customize your workouts based on what you need.

2.   Accountability: Personal training sessions are by appointment, so you’re more likely to show up. A personal trainer will also help you develop the habit of going to the gym regularly and consistently

3.  You build a relationship: Your personal trainer is your ally with your best interests and goals at heart. They are invested in you as much are you are invested in them. As you open up to your trainer about your personal health struggles, your trainer will be able to provide comfort and empathy toward you and map out a way to help you overcome them through fitness.

4.  They motivate you: On days when we don’t feel motivated to go to the gym or want to give up on our goals, personal trainers can help motivate you to get past any discouragement and stay focused. Personal trainers can also change up your exercises to keep your workouts interesting.

5.   They track your progress: Personal trainers track and measure your progress each session. They help you set short and long-term goals for yourself. Over time, your trainer will show you how far you’ve come since you first started and what to do next.

Meet your Personal Trainer Match
All personal trainers have different niches, specialties and training styles. They even have different personalities. To find the right trainer for you, go to your Y’s Welcome Center and ask to talk with several of the personal trainers. Tell the trainer what your goals are, how frequently you’d like to work out, what your budget is and any struggles you have had in the past. As you meet different personal trainers, you’ll find the right one whose expertise fits your needs and inspire you to stay on track, avoid injury, and achieve your health goals.

Take Advantage of Our Special
For a limited time, we’re offering personal training sessions at a discounted rate at select locations. You can save up to $89 for individual training sessions and up to $162 for partner training sessions. Get more details>

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One Response to 5 Reasons to get a Personal Trainer at the Y

  1. jeanie hoepfel says:

    I am looking for a personal trainer for 7 am workouts on m-w &/or F

    must have at least BS in exercise science and current top level personal trainer certification (ACSM, NASM, NSCA, ACE, or COOPER CLINIC). do you have anyone?

    many thanks

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