Celebrate Foster Dads with DePelchin Children’s Center

As Father’s Day approaches, it is important to remember one type of Dad that???????? may often get overlooked yet plays an invaluable role in the lives of a many children – Foster Dads.

Foster Dads are everyday people from every walk of life. They can be married or single, divorced or widowed. The one thing they all have in common is a genuine love for children and a commitment to providing a safe home. With more than 3,000 children in foster care in the Greater Houston area, there is a great need for Foster Dads to help children grow and heal from the abuse and neglect they may have encountered.

Entering foster care can be a scary time in a child’s life as they are removed from their family and immediately placed into a new home. Foster Dads play a vital role during this time, being there for children either temporarily so their birth parents can complete court-ordered plans or on a more permanent basis if parental rights are terminated.

There are many common myths surrounding foster care that are important to distinguish:

Myth: I need to be rich to be a foster parent.
Fact: Foster parents come from all income levels

Myth: I have to be married to be a foster parent.
Fact: Foster parents can be married, single, widowed or divorced.

Myth: I can’t be a foster parent if I work full time.
Fact: Foster parents can work full time, part time, be retired or stay at home.

Myth: I have to own a home to be a foster parent.
Fact: Foster parents can be renters or homeowners, live in an apartment or a home.

Myth: Each foster child needs a room of their own.
Fact: Foster children only require a bed of their own.

Myth: I have no control over which children I’m asked to foster.
Fact: While you cannot choose the specific children you foster, you can specify an age range and gender you prefer. Children over the age of 10 and sibling groups are the children most in need.

DePelchin Children’s Center is looking for more Foster Dads who are interested in experiencing the joys of parenting and want to make a difference in a child’s life. For more information on becoming a foster parent, attend a free informational orientation session. Visit www.depelchin.org to learn more.

Article and content provided by DePelchin Children’s Center.

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