Need a summer job? Work at the YMCA


Mason Badillo, 22, enjoys working with kids at the Y and getting professional experience to help him in his future career.

Mason Badillo finds it rewarding to have a summer job where he can have fun, get paid and be a role model for kids. What does he do? He is a YMCA day camp counselor.

“I did numerous activities with the kids last summer,” said Badillo, 22. “I went swimming with my group, helped them with their arts and crafts and science projects, played sports and went on some amazing field trips.”

Working at the Y is a great opportunity for high school and college students who want to earn some extra money and have a flexible work schedule. Badillo worked part-time at the Langham Creek YMCA while attending Lone Star College. When he transferred to Sam Houston State University, he continued working for the YMCA in Huntsville. He likes the family atmosphere the Y provides.

Summer staff get to work in a wide variety of positions that are fun and rewarding.

Summer staff work in a wide variety of positions that are fun and rewarding.

“I could have just gone to school and not worked, or worked somewhere else, but I didn’t,” Badillo said. “I love working at the Y. Not only do you feel that your co-workers are great, but the members give you a sense of strong community, too.”

Besides being a day camp counselor, Badillo has also gained experience in the Child Watch area, the Wellness Center and the Welcome Center desk. He said working in various positions at the Y has helped him gain professional, real-life experience that will be helpful for his career path.

“The Y is my second job in my life. I’ve worked there since 2009,” Badillo said. “I’ve learned the value of hard work and how to manage money. And in working with kids, the Y has taught me responsibility as well. The Y has given me a great foundation.”

If you are energetic and have a passion for working with kids, you might be just who we’re looking for to become a part of our staff this summer!

To apply for a part-time summer position with the YMCA of Greater Houston, click here.

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